Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Satisfaction

Colder weather is headed our way for the next few days, so I made the most of this sunny Sunday by taking a rare solo ride to a historic section of town. The road that winds through this green valley is closed to traffic on Sundays from April to November so that pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the smoothly paved hills and curves, explore the creek that runs alongside it, and visit the two old houses on the hill overlooking the creek.
Nitre Hall was built here around 1800.

Lawrence Log Cabin was built in 1710 on a site across town, but was moved here in 1961 in order to save it from demolition.

The sounds of nature drown out any nearby traffic noise.

This little paradise is only about a mile long, but is best enjoyed at a slow pace (except going downhill).

Riding Through Velvet Green from BIKE Lite on Vimeo.

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