Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cycle Chick

My daughter is my BBB (that’s Best Biking Buddy, in case you didn’t know [because I just made it up {I think}]). She’s the reason I got back on a bike (see my very first post), and the one person I ride with most often. My husband, on the other hand, is the reason I got a new bike, but that (more interesting) story will be told another time.

When we first started to ride our bikes to school, I felt a little like a mother duck navigating carefully with her little duckling following behind. I constantly turned my head to check on her, asking, “Are you okay?” and “Ya with me?” Naturally, this annoyed and insulted her, so I learned to keep my mouth closed and use stealth-swivel-head-action when I felt the need. Gradually, we both became more confident riders, and these days we ride as near equals. The one instance where our inequality always becomes obvious is on the long downhill stretch on our morning ride into school. Gravity never fails to move the heavier object (me) to the bottom of the hill faster than the lighter object (daughter). Age before beauty!


  1. this is tremndously sweet! such great times she is experienceing <3


  2. Yes, but the trip home is uphill, so we have become followers of "The Slow Bicycle Movement" and take time to pet the doggies along the way. Thanks for stopping by!